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Trained at La Casona in Barcelona, Nur Aiza then moved to Madrid and studied film acting with the American filmmaker Christopher Geitz at Cinema Room. It was there where she crossed paths with Peter Domankiewicz a British director and actor. They later both appeared together in the English- language theatre production “A Little Learning” written and directed by Matt Randle, staged in Madrid. Not longer after, Domankiewicz was director of the next film she starred Tea & Sangria”, an independent romantic comedy that has succeeded in several countries around Europe.

Nur Aiza has also featured in the films Almost Love and Make up directed by Christopher Geitz as well as “Colinas como Elefantes” by Mar Sampedro. She performed as Aphrodite in the play Eris Kallisti also by Christopher Geitz, staged in Teatro Lara in Madrid.

Back in Barcelona Susanna Caralt directed her in “Jo sóc Jo” in which Nur plays a trans guy. Later, she was signed for «La Otra«, by Aleix Masferrer, and authentic rollercoaster ride of emotions in one film.

She has worked multi-lingually in a variety of theatre and film projects, performing in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.